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Based in Ontario, Canada
Founded 2021-08-08
Puzzle / Platformer / Roll A Ball
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Roll adorable chickens around to solve puzzles in a 3D platformer!


Adorable, Poofy, and ready to roll! Play as an adorable cast of baby chickens as they try to find their Mother Hen. Through physics puzzles, platforming challenges, and wild new environments, nothing will stop you!


Double M Digital started developing Chicken Nuggets in 2019, and is going into production in 2021. DMD plans to release Chicken Nuggets in 2022.


  • Roll A Ball platforming: Roll your character, or Nugget, around to solve physics puzzles, collect snacks, and find your kidnaped mother hen!
  • Physics-Based Puzzles: Interact with buttons, object, quicksand, wind, water, gravity, buoyancy, magnetism and electricity to solve levels.
  • Couch Coop: Play at home or online with your friends using split screen or peer to peer multiplayer.
  • 6+ Unique World Themes: Each world brings unique visual flair and about a dozen levels.
  • Select A Nugget: Play any number of characters to complete the game, each nugget has advantages and trade offs, so choose the best one for your goal!
  • Customizable Characters: Customize your Nugget to add personal flair to your play style!
  • A bunch Mini-Games: Chicken Cart (Racing), Jump N Glide, Chicken Take The Wheel, Chicken Put (Mini-Golf) and more!
  • 3+ Hours of the heartwarming, nail-biting, puzzle-filled campaign.



CN Screen ButtonCN Screen SlideEnd
CN Screen TrailerHingeJumpCN Screen FireGate
CN Screen ElectroGateCN Screen CratePuzzel
CN Screen RiverCN Screen SlideStart
CN Screen IntroScreenCN Screen Menu
CN Screen MapCN Screen RaftersRamp
CN Screen WoodEndCN Screen TornadoStart2
CN Screen GrassEndCN Screen WoodLevel
CN Screen WoodRampCN Screen SlideParty







About Double M Digital

Double M Digital is an independent game developer in Canada.


CEO, Developer, Technical Artist
Creative Director, Developer, Animator

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